TrafficCast provides innovative technology and sophisticated data analysis for real-time and predictive traffic information that enhances and enables high performing location-based and dynamic navigation services.  Now covering over 220,000 miles of roadway, Dynaflow™ provides real time road speed information derived from GPS tracking data, public sensors and reports of accidents, road works and weather.  See how TrafficCast’s unique Data Fusion Engine relies on a myriad of sources, events and conditions to provide reliable and personalized traffic and travel information.  For the more granular data required by public agencies for planning and operations, TrafficCast developed BlueTOAD™, an advanced wireless device that directly computes travel times and vehicle behaviors from the detection of Bluetooth signals emanating from passing vehicles.  Read how an independent consultant evaluated BlueTOAD and its  ability to deliver travel times and road speeds with accuracy equivalent to toll tag readers, at a fraction of the cost.  Review an overview presentation of BlueTOAD - standard features, installation examples, applications and highlights of its deployment on the Eisenhower Expressway in Chicago.  See a brief video showing how BlueTOAD works in detecting Bluetooth signals to determine travel times and road speeds.  And meet Mini-BlueTOAD, offering agency planners and regional transportation organizations robust data for performance analysis and traffic modeling.

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