Dynaflow collects, filters, and models real-time traveler information and traffic incident data.


Matching Bluetooth® signals combined with Travel-Time Performance - Now with Spectra, the Next Generation travel time technology!


The new mobile app for the daily commuter and everyday journeys, with community advice on the routes you know.


Providing travel time forecasting and traffic information

Traffic Data Driven

BlueTOAD® and BlueARGUS are the most comprehensive data collection and database manipulation applications, optimized for travel-time data aggregation and dashboard-based visualization.

Why Choose BlueTOAD

Investment in road transportation infrastructure is high on the agenda for federal, state and local agencies. And the return of this investment will only be enhanced by utilizing advances in technology and data analysis as available in BlueTOAD to optimize both planning and operations.

Report Generation

From spreadsheets and graphs to standalone databases and cloud services, use BlueARGUS to uncover any travel-time data using TrafficCast’s BlueTOAD travel-time-based performance software!

Travel Time Reliability

Aggregate dozens of unique data calculations to combine multiple views of travel-time data. Get richer insight to changing traffic patterns and trends.

New BlueTOAD Spectra

Most Samples – Most Matches – Most Advanced Travel-Time System!

Why Upgrade to SPECTRA

Always-ON Bluetooth® Detection with New Spectra System! With today’s wide-ranging use of Bluetooth® in smartphones, navigation systems and vehicles, TrafficCast has developed a more accurate and secure method to find and match travel-time resources.

MORE Unique Detects

With Spectra, BlueTOAD now searches and matches “discoverable” and “non-discoverable” based Bluetooth® devices – adding greatly to the number of matches available for travel-time analysis.

MORE Matches

Spectra uses a variety of proprietary scanning techniques to effectively scan for and match Bluetooth® devices in “non-discoverable” mode.

MORE Secure

With Spectra we use only a portion of the device MAC address. As a result, this methodology for matching Bluetooth® devices provides the most effective approach to ensure anonymity for the device owner.

New Low-Profile BlueTOAD

Join over 2,000 satisfied BlueTOAD Users - over 6,000 units installed!


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2-for-1 Trade-In

We're offering a 2-for-1 Trade-In for ANY competitor's Bluetooth® system. PLUS, Included FREE - 1-year BlueARGUS software for the free units.

BlueTOAD Rental Plan

See our New Rental Plan for BlueTOAD field devices.
PLUS, included BluSTATS Analaysis Software
to collect, process and analyze traveltime data.

Product Information

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Product Information
Title Release Date Download
1 BlueTOAD Spectra Datasheet (Discoverable and Non-Discoverable) May 2016 PDF
2 Spectra Vs. Wi-Fi Application Note April 2016 PDF
3 BlueTOAD “Low-Profile” (Discoverable) Datasheet March 2016 PDF
4 BlueTOAD BlueARGUS Datasheet Aug 2015 PDF
5 BlueTOAD BlueARGUS Software Features Nov 2015 PDF
6 Bluetooth® Specifications March 2016 MS Word

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