Dynaflow collects, filters, and models real-time traveler information and traffic incident data.


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Real-time and predictive traffic information

Dynaflow (Dynamic Traffic Flow)

Dynaflow 3.0 is TrafficCast's predictive traffic information product. Along with real-time reports of vehicle road speeds, it uses historical data d trends and anticipated traffic impacts such as construction, weather and upcoming events to accurately model current road speeds, and forecast them up to 48-hours in advance. Utilizing proprietary analytics and algorithms based on a deep understanding of vehicle flows and traffic science, Dynaflow 3.0 is the leading solution for accurate real-time and predictive traffic information, supporting route planning, personal and enterprise travel times, and other transportation management services.

Why Choose Dynaflow?

Valuable information to assist the traveler and transportation professional

Robust Data Aggregation

Each day, Dynaflow 3.0 collects, filters, and models in real-time over 100 million data points and more than 350 sources for traveler information and traffic incident data, to deliver accurate and reliable road speed data for the top 250 cities in the United States.

Powerful Data Fusion Engine

Dynaflow aggregates GPS Tracking Data, Public Road Sensors, Incident/Accident Reports,Construction & Work Zones, Weather and Major Community Events - including BlueTOAD travel times and speeds.

Location-Based Incident Reporting

Dynaflow data is integrated into mobile routing systems to optimize travel times, on the web, in vehicles, or on mobile devices. Compatible with all major map data provider's systems, Dynaflow partners use the international Traffic Message Channel (TMC) and EXtensible Markup Language (XML) standards for location-based incident reporting.

Partner Focused Applications

Dynaflow clients create their own web and map-based Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to enable traffic applications using Dynaflow’s information-rich XML data feed.

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