BlueARGUS 2.0 from BlueTOAD®: Providing Customized Solutions for Municipal Transportation Operations

BlueTOAD Spectra and the BlueARGUS 2.0 software suite keep municipalities ahead of the game, allowing for data customization to accurately predict unique traffic patterns.

MADISON, WI - December 15, 2017 - College football Saturdays are in full swing, but accompanying the tailgating fun are the regular traffic nightmares around stadiums nationwide. However, municipal transportation operators are prepared thanks to TrafficCast’s BlueTOAD Spectra, which helps cities predict and prepare for game day traffic patterns.

Elsewhere in the country, a major blizzard is expected, yet officials are confident in their clean-up plans. Plow routes have been accurately scheduled ahead of time due to BlueTOAD Spectra data, which allow officials to anticipate where the heaviest winter traffic will flow and where snow removal is needed most.

Among the included features is BlueTOAD’s Origin/Destination tool, allowing clients to not only collect traffic data, but also interpret it in multiple formats, such as Trip List, Trip Raw Data, Demand O/D Matrix, among others.

BlueTOAD’s new software suite, BlueARGUS 2.0, also comes with an advanced scheduling tool, meaning reliably delivered results for clients. BlueTOAD’s Scheduler lets customers receive individualized and calendar-precise data, pertinent to their unique market needs. Additionally, these automatically-generated and email-delivered reports can been received at regularly scheduled intervals. For instance, instead of a user creating a report each time they want to see data for a certain time period or weekday, they can now create the report once, set a schedule it to be automatically assembled, and have it delivered on a regular basis. Need the data on Tuesdays and Thursdays, between 2 P.M. and 4 P.M.? Just ask and BlueTOAD's BlueARGUS 2.0 will deliver!

Improvements like these to BlueTOAD data features mean state and local transportation departments can not only gather accurate travel-time calculations, but also have the data compiled, translated into an easy-to-read format, and delivered on a customized schedule. From Bowl season to powder season, industry professionals count on BlueTOAD for the analytics they need to predict travel patterns today and in the future.

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TrafficCast provides travel time forecasting, road speed monitoring and other traffic-related information, with technology, applications and content based on advanced digital traffic data. TrafficCast informs navigation and driver information services for a range of providers serving the interactive, mobile, enterprise markets and the public sector. TrafficCast’s BlueTOAD® travel time system is the market leader in Bluetooth® signal detection technologies, used in performance measures assessments to manage travel times, road speeds and route choice behaviors. The company is based in Madison, Wisconsin, with offices in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Washington, California, Florida, Colorado and Shanghai. For more information go to www.trafficcast.com/spectrarsu

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