City of Diamond Bar California Turns to TrafficCast’s BlueTOAD® Spectra for Travel Time Data Analytics

City adopts proven BlueTOAD Spectra travel time technology to enhance and optimize its traffic network, while achieving optimal return on investment!

DIAMOND BAR, CA – October 30, 2017 - TrafficCast today announced the successful implementation of its market-leading Bluetooth® detector technology, BlueTOAD Spectra in the City of Diamond Bar, California. Used as the foundation for traffic management and performance monitoring, BlueTOAD Spectra is the perfect resource for cities like the City of Diamond Bar that want to continuously evaluate traffic operations and provide real-time traveler information.

The City of Diamond Bar has strategically implemented the BlueTOAD travel time system throughout the city to manage the impact of commuter traffic, school zone or seasonal effects on travel-times and peak-hour speeds. “Using the BlueARGUS suite of reporting tools to create Origin & Destination (O/D) studies and Travel Time Reliability reports will assist us in determining the best locations for our proposed adaptive traffic management system,” said Christian Malpica, City of Diamond Bar’s Associate Engineer. “This is also an extremely useful system to monitor before-and-after travel-times as we continue to enhance our traffic management system network, another step towards confirming our congestion mitigation strategies and overall investment in traffic operations,” continued Christian.

BlueTOAD (Bluetooth Travel-time Origination and Destination) monitors anonymous Bluetooth signals from mobile devices in vehicles to determine travel times, road speeds and vehicle movements. When a phone pairs up to a vehicle it is rendered undiscoverable, BlueTOAD Spectra is able to detect that undiscoverable device adding significantly to Bluetooth match counts. With the number of States legislating use of “hands-free” mode in vehicles, this new dual-radio detector, couples “discoverable” (unpaired) and “undiscoverable” (paired) Bluetooth detection proven to offer the highest match rate in the industry, and significant increases in Origin/Destination metrics.

“The City of Diamond Bar is our first implementation of BlueTOAD Spectra and the BlueARGUS™ traffic analytics software in Los Angeles County,” comments local TrafficCast distributor Janna McKhann, NexTech Systems President. “We’re looking forward to working with the City to assist in their development of travel-time data analysis and then sharing those insights with other neighboring regions,” added Janna.

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TrafficCast provides travel time forecasting, road speed monitoring and other traffic-related information, with technology, applications and content based on advanced digital traffic data. TrafficCast informs navigation and driver information services for a range of providers serving the interactive, mobile, enterprise markets and the public sector. TrafficCast’s BlueTOAD® travel time system is the market leader in Bluetooth® signal detection technologies, used in performance measures assessments to manage travel times, road speeds and route choice behaviors. The company is based in Madison, Wisconsin, with offices in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Washington, California, Florida, Colorado and Shanghai. For more information go to www.trafficcast.com/bluetoad.html

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