Now Available, New TrafficCast BlueTOAD® Spectra Detector

Detection breakthrough combines Discoverable and Non-Discoverable Bluetooth® to deliver, Most Samples – Most Matches – Most Advanced Travel-Time System!

Available for immediate Deployment and insertion in Agency, Qualified Products Lists (QPL)

Madison WI – May 9, 2016 - TrafficCast International, Inc., today announced immediate availability of the fourth version of its market-leading Bluetooth® signal detector technology, BlueTOAD Spectra, incorporating advanced capabilities to detect unique Bluetooth® identifiers even when component devices are in non-discoverable mode.

BlueTOAD® (Bluetooth® Travel-time Origination And Destination) traces anonymous Bluetooth® signals from mobile devices in vehicles to determine travel times, road speeds and vehicle movements. When a phone pairs up to a vehicle it is rendered “undiscoverable” and undetectable by a standard Bluetooth® detector. However, BlueTOAD Spectra is able to detect that undiscoverable device adding significantly to detection samples and matches. With the number of States legislating use of “hands-free” mode while driving, this new detector, coupled with the existing Bluetooth® detector offers a greater amount of data, and significant increases in Origin/Destination metrics.

“With the combination of discoverable and nondiscoverable Bluetooth® detection, live Spectra field evaluations show significant increases in detection and matches,” said Paul Misticawi, Vice President of Public Sector Sales for TrafficCast. “Extensive testing alongside Wi-Fi travel-time sensors also delivers verifiable data showing significantly higher Spectra sample rates and total matches – continually showing more than 3-times (greater than 300%) as many matches compared to Wi-Fi matches.”

While detections on the existing BlueTOAD platform have always exceeded minimum requirements for accurate calculations of travel times, Spectra now brings travel-time opportunities to lower volume roadways as well as increases in reporting capabilities such as Origin Destination, intersection delay and travel-time reliability. BlueTOAD delivers accurate traffic data to meet specific needs of Departments of Transportation, traffic engineers, planners and traffic information providers for reliable, real-time and historical reports of road conditions.

BlueTOAD Spectra matches range from 2.8 to 3.3 times (280% - 330%) higher compared to Wi-Fi matches.
About TrafficCast: TrafficCast provides travel time forecasting, road speed data and other traffic-related information, with technology, applications and content based on advanced digital traffic data. TrafficCast informs navigation and driver information services for a range of providers serving the interactive, mobile, enterprise and public sector markets. TrafficCast BlueTOAD™ is the market leader in Bluetooth® signal detection technologies, used to monitor travel times, road speeds and route choice behaviors. The company is based in Madison, Wisconsin, with offices in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago and Shanghai.

For more information, contact: Paul Misticawi, VP Public Sector Sales – PH: 678-575-0958 – Email: pmisticawi@trafficcast.com