TrafficCast Tracking COVID-19 Test Sites, Traffic Impacts Across North America

Powered by expert sources and robust data sharing partnerships, TrafficCast's Dynaflow provides testing locations and major traffic impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic.

MADISON, WI - May 27, 2020 - TrafficCast International, Inc., today announced the addition of COVID-19 Test Locations to its standard data feed of traffic impact reports.

Over 8,500 locations across the US and Canada are currently included, to alert drivers of possible traffic impacts of testing sites. The information does not communicate availability of testing appointments and related medical information, but it does explain possible traffic impacts on relevant public roadways. These include coordinated police activity to control vehicles entering or driving near the sites, street closures, and temporary one-way restrictions.

In addition to providing locations for COVID-19 testing, TrafficCast data feeds also pinpoint hundreds of miles of new street closures and other traffic restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic across North America.

Locations are gathered from state and local transportation agencies, health care providers, media sources, national pharmacy chains and trusted websites managed by medical professionals at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore1 and an open source “Coders against COVID” alliance in Silicon Valley2.

TrafficCast clients integrating COVID test site locations in automotive navigation services and mobile applications include SiriusXM and Total Traffic & Weather Network.

“SiriusXM has long supported its automotive clients and subscribers with advanced traffic information,” said Naresh Coppisetti, Vice President, Connected Vehicle & Automotive Infotainment Service. “During this challenging time when consumers desire additional information relating to COVID-19, it only makes sense to include these test site locations for dashboard display and routing information.”

Len Konecny, Senior Vice President of Total Traffic & Weather Network, added, “Traffic reporting has taken on new urgency as states begin to reopen and COVID testing remains a priority. These testing locations are a natural addition to the information commuters rely on through our broadcast reports, Total Traffic mobile app, and automotive services.”

COVID-19 test site locations, street closures, and other COVID-19 traffic impacts can be accessed on the Total Traffic mobile app, in-vehicle navigation systems powered by Sirius XM and Total Traffic & Weather Network, and their associated information portals.

About: TrafficCast is a leading provider of traffic data and insights, providing technology, applications and content to inform navigation and driver information services in the automotive, mobile, media and public sector markets. Its TrafficCarma platform helps visualize traffic data through graphics, analytics, and mobile services.


SOURCE: TrafficCast International, Inc.

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