Planning a Construction Project or Before & After Study?

Rent the BlueTOAD & BluSTATS Travel-Time system to effectively manage traffic optimization objectives!

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Rent or Lease BlueTOAD
for short or long-term projects...

Now available for Rent or Lease – BlueTOAD field devices,
PLUS, included BluSTATS Analysis Software
to collect, process and analyze traveltime data.

Rent or Lease

Rent or Lease BlueTOAD units on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis for short-term or temporary projects.
Manage Traveltime anytime, anywhere!

Worry-Free Setup

All rental units arrive pre-configured for your project, and are ready to install.
Easy Setup and Configuration!


Included FREE - BluSTATS desktop software and technical support for comprehensive data analysis.
Extra Value Plan!


A software license for the BluSTATS Traffic Data Analysis software is provided with each BlueTOAD system rental.

  • BlueTOAD

    Rent or Lease new BlueTOAD to benefit from the latest wireless technology.

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)

    Utilizing PoE technology simplifies network design and deployment.

  • Communications Options

    Available BlueTOAD configurations:
    - Ethernet POE
    - Cellular with solar power
    - Cellular with POE

  • BluSTATS - Pure & Simple

    BluSTATS is designed as a user-friendly, flexible tool to effectively support traffic data processing and analysis.

  • BlueTOAD Data

    Now available to collect and process BlueTOAD traveltime data, BluSTATS is the most advanced Origin-Destination management application.

  • Traveltime Matrixes

    Define and generate travel-time summary statistics for specific roadway segments in a matrix format.

BlueTOAD Ethernet - Inside View

Affordable Rental Plan

Provide us with your study area details and your traveltime objectives, and we'll help develop a design and deployment plan.
BlueTOAD Rental Plans include BluSTATS software for free, however we can also do the work for you!
Data Processing Services are available upon request! (Sold Separately)

  • Setup

    • Setup Price per Unit
    • One-Time Fee
    • Configuration (Included)
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  • Rental

    • Price per Unit, per Week (Minimum one-week Rental)
    • Desktop Software (Included)
    • Tech Support (Included)
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