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Daily changes in the weather can impact local travel. Severe weather can necessitate changes in long-range route planning.


Professional and college sports, concerts, festivals, parades and other special events have major impacts on traffic flow and traffic patterns.

Vehicle Probe

Increasing consumer demand for GPS location features in mobile devices — from smart phones to the more basic devices — will enable tracking data to inform the statistical models that calculate prevailing and forecast travel speeds.

Incident & Construction

Accidents, short-term and long-term construction projects, bottleneck delays, hazardous material spills and other incidents cause lane closures, slowdowns and traffic tie-ups.

Sensor Flow

Sensors built into the roadbed and installed along the highway derive traffic speed and flow, contribute to real-time traffic models and historical traffic patterns specific to time of day, season of year and section of road.

Traffic Management

TrafficCast offers public agencies support for the planning and operations of their road networks from projection of road capacity and peak period traffic flow to monitoring of current conditions. Additionally, TrafficCast data analytics anticipate future needs like variable speed limits and alternative revenue options.

Broadcast Media — TV, Internet, Print

Media will be able to leverage their existing brands to offer personalized content to listeners and viewers. Like business news, weather and sports, traffic information can finally be personalized to deliver meaningful advisories via internet and mobile platforms.


TrafficCast delivers actionable traffic information in formats appropriate for mobile devices and personal navigation systems. When the need is for a map, TrafficCast offers the broadest road coverage. And when the need is for travel times, TrafficCast doesn't just "snapshot" conditions, but anticipates changes on the road ahead.

Fleet Logistics

TrafficCast provides a national perspective to local traffic issues to help fleet managers enhance route planning, scheduling and customer services with reliable travel time forecasts, asset location analysis and effective logistics management tools.

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