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BlueTOAD Spectra
$2,000 Purchase Credit towards
BlueTOAD Upgrade or Competitor Trade-In

We're offering a $2,000 Credit for upgrade purchases of BlueTOAD Spectra.
$2,000 Credit also applies to replacement of ANY competitor's Bluetooth or Wi-Fi system.
And, don't forget to ask your account manager about our new, reduced service pricing!

Upgrade & Replace

This is the perfect time to finally replace competing Bluetooth or WiFi systems with BlueTOAD Spectra
Upgrade to NEW BlueTOAD Spectra!

$2,000 Credit

Replace your BlueTOAD Version 3.x or older.
Apply $2,000 credit towards the purchase price of BlueTOAD Spectra!


Take advantage of the new BlueARGUS software with added features, reports, scheduler and enhanced Origin/Destination studies!

New BlueTOAD Spectra

Join over 2,000 satisfied BlueTOAD Users enjoying the benefits
of a state-of-the-art Travel-Time System. Installed in over 10,000 locations!

  • Interactive Color-Coded Speed Map

    BlueTOAD Spectra - Most Samples – Most Matches – Most Advanced Travel-Time System!

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)

    Utilizing PoE technology simplifies network design and deployment.

  • Communications Options

    Available BlueTOAD configurations:
    - Ethernet PoE
    - Cellular with solar power
    - Cellular with PoE

  • BlueARGUS - Pure & Simple

    Monitor traffic congestion right from your browser. BlueARGUS provides data analysis using intuitive data selection menus - No programming needed!

  • BlueTOAD Data

    Aggregate dozens of unique data calculations to combine multiple views of travel-time data. Get richer insight to changing traffic patterns, trends and driver behavior.

  • Device Alerts

    Monitor BlueTOAD devices remotely to manage nonrecurring congestion and/or incidents, along with device and comm errors.

BlueTOAD Ethernet - Inside View

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