Dynaflow collects, filters, and models real-time traveler information and traffic incident data.


Matching Bluetooth® Signals combined with Travel-Time Performance - Now with Spectra, the Next Generation travel time technology!


The new mobile app for the daily commuter and everyday journeys, with community advice on the routes you know.


Providing travel time forecasting and traffic information


Driving is a personal experience. Traffic information should be too. It must be tailored to the route you're on, at the time you're on it. Usually, you know where you're going, and you know a few ways to get there. If you only knew the best way - the TrafficCarma mobile App provides you with choices.

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Serving the Commuter

With TrafficCarma Crowd-Sourced Mobile Traffic App

Commuter-Oriented Traffic Information

  • The Daily Commuter needs advice on their known Route Choices, not turn-by-turn navigation
  • TrafficCarma offers media a personalized presence for these Commuter Decisions
  • TrafficCarma supplements on-air reports to reach the virtual rush hour communities on expressways
  • Does not require replacement of an on-air provider

Crowd-­Sourcing Integrated with Advanced Data

  • Share your Commuter data, and get the benefit of other commute data
  • Turn the ‘Radio Tipster’ into a ‘Carma Contributor’
  • User-generated content supported by TrafficCast road condition data
  • Additional curation through TrafficCast Operations Centers

Enhance Your Commuter Savvy

TrafficCarma™ is the first mobile app focused on the 120 million U.S. daily commuters and their journeys to and from work, train station, airport, sporting events and other destinations.

For commuters, crowd-sourced content is combined with road speed data, public agency reports, camera imaging and other metrics. Users receive information relevant to their commute, destination and other personal routes. The design of TrafficCarma minimizes driver distraction. Commuter contributions, in combination with the media partners, will build a TrafficCarma community.

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Partner With Us

Reach a Larger Audience with the TrafficCarma App

Syndication Business Model

For broadcasters, TrafficCarma upgrades the time-honored “traffic tipster” to the mobile environment, integrated with the optional TrafficCaster interface for on-air use. Radio can add TrafficCarma voice clips to reports, Television can overlay contributed video onto on-air graphics similar to the way their newscasts employ viewer-generated weather shots. Media partners also receive tools to enhance social media connections to their audience.

  • Grow ‘Carma audience participation through on-air promotional support
  • Partners split ‘Carma digital ad inventory – including graphics and audio
  • Minimal Start-up & Maintenance Fees

New Business Opportunity

  • On-Air Promotion
  • In-App Ad Inventory Split (Audio, Graphics)
  • Modest fees
  • Market Exclusive within media vertical
  • Optional On-Air Interface
  • “Carma Points” & other social media benefits to partner

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